Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy Deepavali

"Come on lets celebrate ....celebrate the festival of lights... Deepavali.....Deepavali....." is the only song which has filled our home from my little one P.... He is singing, dancing, coloring ,playing sparklers, freaking out on chocolates and sweets..watching cartoons total celebrating the deepavali and holidays to its maximum...and ofcourse giving loads n loads of work to me...but its ok...This is festival of lights colors and sweets so am enjoying with him... but truly miss the dear ones, the atmosphere, the fun of India...alas........  So thought why not brighthen up our sweet little home with indian festive here is few pics of our effort to make it feel so....

I DONT BELIEVE IT... I have not published this post from one year.... I was so busy that I had not realized last Diwali I wrote blog post and its still in my draft and never published.... Oh... my.... God.. .I couldn't believe my publishing 2012 Diwali post now.... and also think its always fun and nice to show case the decor so hope u guys don't mind seeing 2012 pics now ;)

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  1. Beautiful pics. Thank you so much for all the tips for Istanbul. Really appreciate it :) Take care Anu