Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mudras for health and well being Part-1

Feeling very low after frequent attacks of  virus leading to flu....suffering...pain... God ! am desperately looking for help which can immune N build resistance power to my 4 yrs old son.....  Interestingly today i  found a very amazing fact which is different from all other healing and practise through medication, consuming  nutritional food, walking or playing in open sky fresh air, sunshine and many blah blah.....

This wonderful thing is none other than  hand gestures or MUDRAS  of yoga (connecting different parts of body in particular manner). Which i have been using right from my childhood days...in form of classical dancing. Wow... i never realised that mudras which is used as expression in Bharatnatyam is so beneficial for healthy and well being...well its a eye opener for me as all this dance and yoga everything is interconnected... hope to make this as practise atleast now in form of yoga....

Now coming to the point:  we believe that physical body is made of 5 elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space or Aakash.  Imbalance of these disturbs the immunity and causes disease.   So when Mudras are practised it starts a electromagnetic current within body and balances constituting elements and restores health.


1. Jnana mudra

2.Shunya mudra  or  Space mudra

3. Prithvi mudra or Earth mudra

4. Varuna mudra or Water mudra

   Sources:        M U D R A S YOGA in your Hands    by GERTRUD HIRSCHI            


  1. Oh Yes.. I've heard about these too.. My mom does her yoga everyday.. and gives us all this gyan ever so often.. but we never listen.. :(

    Lovely to see you blogging... Looking forward to see you more often at colours dekor.. and linking into some of our parties..

    Hey.. waiting to see your curtains.. as well..

  2. Hi, thanks so much for your lovely comments on MDC. Good to connect with you. Yes the cushion is a suzani. The metal vase is from Delhi and will be soon part of my online store. However, I ship only within United States (-: Take care Anu