Friday, 8 June 2012

Mudras for health and well being  Part-2

Wow... the more i study about these mudras,  the more i wonder... why these special gift of yoga is not part of our academic education... seriously ??...  With the physical exercise in our schools they can start teaching yoga...  for  secondary or higher standard students..say from 6th level plus or  atleast they can give knowledge about it. Or has its been already introduced....??? I feel we should really think about it...and do some thing for our future generations.....

Well for now atleast we can blog about it...share it so more and more get benefitted... So here goes another set of Mudras...

5. Pran Mudra: Life mudra

6. Linga mudra:  perfectly suited for ladies who need to reduce weight

7. Apan mudra or Energy mudra:  needed for all women specially mothers to handle their hyper active kids as it gives patience, serenity,confidence,inner balance and harmony.

8.Apan vayu mudra or life saver mudra :  specially used as first aid for heart attack and  in an emergency, quicker effect than placing nitroglycerin under tongue. (which is most frequently used immediate remedy )

9. Back mudra:  finally very effective mudra for all of us who works on computer for long hours.

this mudra is more effective in a position that relieves back as shown in picture below
 by pulling the chin a bit so that the neck is stretched.

Hope this post was of some information and pls let me know if you need information about any other important or particular mudra , will try my best to answer and also you can share if you know any...

So Happy practising and healing....

   Sources:        M U D R A S YOGA in your Hands    by GERTRUD HIRSCHI            

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